Puppy Care

puppy care

The best way to care for your puppy

Congratulations! The wait is over and you get to take home your new fur baby today! At Kate's Puppies it's our pleasure to help you and your puppy adjust to the new routine and lifestyle ahead of you.



At Kate’s Puppies, we believe there is no such thing as too chubby of a puppy! We feed our pups Life’s Abundance three times a day. Most puppies will always be sensible eaters, stopping when they’ve had the right amount.

Kate's uses Life's Abundance because it's made for all life stages. This recipe contains only the finest ingredients:
• A proprietary blend of vitamins & minerals
• High-quality protein from chicken meal for strong muscles
• An antioxidant system including vitamins C & E
• Prebiotic fiber & guaranteed probiotics
• A selection of nutritious vegetables
• Omega-3 fatty acids for healthy skin & a shiny coat
• Calcium & phosphorus for healthy teeth and strong bones
• Dietary fiber to help maintain a healthy digestive tract

Life's Abundance Dog Food

Potty & Crate Training

Your 8-week-old puppy can “hold it” 4 hours during the day and about 6 at night. Pups and adult dogs love their “den” and like to keep it clean, so a crate is a helpful tool for potty training and for keeping your small pup safe. We recommend using a divider to adjust the crate size as your pups grows.

Take your pup out frequently during the day and reward with praise and a treat. Having all food and most water up by 6 p.m. will eliminate the need to go “out” during the night.

Adjusting to a crate without siblings might take a couple of nights. Some pups are comforted by having a blanket.

Health & Wellness

Veterinary Care

We recommend a well-visit within a week of receiving your new puppy. Your vet will advise you when to begin Flea & Tick and Heartworm prevention and when to have follow-up vaccinations. We strongly encourage you to avoid dog parks, potty areas at rest stops, and other public areas until your puppy is fully vaccinated.


We love that our puppies are low- to non-shedding dogs, but that does require grooming. Most puppies visit the groomer about once every 2–4 months. Rely on your groomer for basic maintenance tips (brushing, trimming nails, cleaning ears). Take a picture of the look you have in mind.

Health Guarantee

All our puppies come with a one-year 100% health guarantee. We extend this to three years for families who feed their puppy Life’s Abundance for the fi rst year of their pup’s life. Read the full health guarantee.


Our pups are sold as family pets and not for breeding purposes. We ask that you have your puppy spayed or neutered by their first birthday but not before 6 months as this can interfere with normal growth patterns.


Pups love and need to chew. Our best and simplest recommendation is having a lot of chew toys available that your pup is allowed to chew on. Divert them from shoes, children’s toys, and furniture by substituting an acceptable replacement.

Puppy & Adult Training

PetSmart Dog Training Program is reasonably priced, and you can participate in various levels of training.

Many of our puppies have been trained as excellent therapy and service dogs. For more information, visit: tdi-dog.org